Director Statement

“An animation about western society hidden fears”

In the film we wanted to interweave journeys and paths for the characters by using the fog as a blanket to at first hinder the characters and then gently warm them to look inside themselves. At first the Town Gate is closed and because the key is lost the Towns people are trapped. They cannot leave the Town, no work, no repetition. As they look for the key we wanted to show how the fog allows the people to look at normality with a different light. Acquaintances become lovers; Families play the leaves, an old lady dances with no inhibitions in the fog while other people play tennis with their mundane tools (briefcases and handbags).

The fog is a poetic thread and through this we wanted to add further symbols through the Crow being able to see the key as he screams “Key….Key”, the crow is free and an all seeing eye of the Town. While James the main character goes through locations and a journey from his childhood to the Town and then graveyard. Objects from his house are placed in James journey in order to portray a sense of his decaying childhood as his violin appears in many different scenes.

When faced at the end of the film with the gates open no one attempts to leave having found acceptance in themselves they have discovered new games and memories.

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