Kim Noce & Shaun Clark

Original Idea 
Shaun Clark &Kim Noce

Tom Hill

Outline (Word Count:) 9

“An animation about western society hidden fears”

Synopsis (1) (Word Count:) 36

When the residents awake to find the key to the town gate is missing frustration soon sets in. Only this key is happy to be lost and keen to show some things should never be found.

Technical Information

  • Original Title: “The Key”
  • Format 16:9 FHA 25fps  Colour DCP
  • HDTV 1080 25fps Colour
  • 16:9 25fps  FHA Colour
  • Sound Stereo TV Mix
  • Duration 8 minutes
  • Language English (no subtitles)
  • Genres&  Category: Animation/ Drama/ Fiction
  • Production Year: 2014
  • Country of Production UK

Main Credits

Kim Noce & Shaun ClarK

Kim Noce
Shaun Clark

Tom Hill

Original Idea 
Shaun Clark
Kim Noce

Laura Horn

Music by
Alex Harwood

Benjamin Gerstein

Sound Designer
David Pringle

Animators & Compositors
Kim Noce
 & Shaun Clark

Voices Artist
Narrator – Paul Mundell
James – Dylan Cousins
Mother and Dancer – Ellie Mitra

James – Dylan Cousins
Dad – John Priestley
Mum – Sarah Priestley
Child –  Lowenna Priestley
Commuter – Megan Campbell
Commuter – Alex Chalk
Commuter – Richard  Llewellyn
Mother & Commuter  -Maya Dodwell
Dancer – Judith Wright


Programs Used After Effects, Photoshop

 Directors Biography as MewLab


We are  MEW LAB:  the collective talent of Shaun Clark and Kim Noce award winning London based animation director specializing in handcrafted short film production. We both come from filmmaking and art background, We have a BAFTA nominations as Animators and several awards as Directors.

Directors Filmography as Mewlab

  • 2013 The Key
  • 2012 High Above The Sky
  • 2010 The Magic Fish
  • 2009 Anansi
  • 2008 Frau Holle

Biography Shaun Clark

1979, Beverley, Uk

Shaun Clark has directed an eclectic array of award winning animated films since the early 90′s. His films have been BAFTA nominated and has earned him praise for his use of different techniques and styles of storytelling most recently in Clermont Ferrand (2012). Shaun graduated with a first degree honours in animation before studying for a MA at The National Film School for two years. He resides in London where he works at Mew Lab as a animation director.


  • 2005 The National Film and Television School  M.A. in Animation Direction               
  • 2001 Hull School of Art and Design  B.A. in Animation   
  • 1998 Beverley College  BTEC Art Foundation    19971998


  • 2013 The Key
  • 2012 High Above the Sky
  • 2012 Lady and the tooth
  • 2010 The Magic Fish
  • 2010 LIAF Idents ,Four Idents,  LIAF
  • 2009 Anansi
  • 2008 Frau Holle
  • 2006 Philophobia
  • 2005Lightman
  • 2001 Lost property

Biography Kim Noce

1973, Mendrisio, Switzerland

I am an Animator Director with a BA in Fine Art from BRERA and an MA in Animation Direction from the NATIONAL FILM AND TELEVISION SCHOOL. My graduation film “After” was nominated for a ROYAL TELEVISION SOCIETY AWARD.In 2006 I was awarded the Channel 4 AIR Scheme where I made a short film called “Forget Me Not”.

Alongside my personal films I work as a freelance animator for the commercials industry for company such as BBC, Channel 4 and TATE. My films and my animation work have won many awards around the globe, including a BAFTA nomination for an TV series.


  • 2005 MA Animation Direction National Film Television School (UK)
  • 2002 HND Photography Westminster College (UK)
    1998 DIPLOMA PITTURA (BA + MA Fine Art &Illustration)  Accademia di Belle Arti
  • 1992 DIPLOMA ARTISTICO  Architecture, Istituto Orsoline di San Carlo


  • 2013 The Key (short film)
  • 2012 High Above the Sky (short film)
  • 2012 Museum at Night Animated Installation, Culture 24, Funder, Silhouettes  (in post production)
  • 2012 High Above the Sky, Short film, BFI & FILM COUNCIL Commission,
  • 2011 Museum at Night Animated Projection, Culture 24, Commission, Silhouettes,
  • 2010 LIAF Idents ,Three Idents,  LIAF ,
  • 2010 Magic Fish Short film, BBC Commission, Cut Out Collage
  • 2008 Frau Holle Short film, BBC Commission, Cut Out Collage
  • 2007 Anansi and the Turtle Short film, BBC Commission, Cut Out Collage
  • 2006”Forget Me Not”,Short film, CH4 Funder, Cut Out Collage and Embroidery,
  • 2005 “After” Graduation animation,  Sculpture, Painted clay, Paint on glass,
  • 2004 MTV Idents , MTV Commission, Sand on glass, Stop Motion puppet Flash, 2D
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